What is Southern Barbecue and Why Should You Care?

What is Southern Barbecue and Why Should You Care?

South Carolina barbecue is different from Alabama barbecue, which is different from Tennessee barbecue, and so on. Why are these variations so significant? What makes one style better than another? There are many factors that go into this answer, but it all comes down to one major point: the region’s barbecue sauce recipes are all-natural, locally made products that contain very few chemicals or preservatives.

The History of BBQ

In southern barbecue, all-natural ingredients are at a premium. Locally made sauces are also favored, as well as Georgia-style sauce. In contrast to other barbecue variants, in southern BBQ it’s not just about barbecuing or grilling a meal: It’s about bringing people together to break bread and spend time with each other—locally-made barbecue sauces help facilitate that process.

Southern vs. North Carolina Style

While barbecue means different things to different people, there are some distinct differences between southern and north Carolina style barbecue. All-natural ingredients: This may seem like a no-brainer, but most southern style barbecue sauces use all-natural ingredients—not always so with north Carolina barbecues. This makes a huge difference in taste and healthfulness of barbecues.

The Smoker

I’ve noticed that a lot of barbecue aficionados are always on the lookout for good barbecue. But what makes one kind of barbecue better than another? Well, it depends on how you define better. Is there a certain technique or ingredient you prefer over others? I know for me, it’s all about using locally-made products with all-natural ingredients.

The Sauce

Of course, a barbecue sauce isn’t complete without its flavor. And southern Georgia barbecue sauce is no different. There are many kinds of BBQ sauces that can claim to be Georgia style, but most of them share a similar recipe: All-natural ingredients, locally made where possible, an unforgettable taste and – most importantly – a story or memory that comes along with it. But don’t just take our word for it; one bite will convince you to never use another sauce again!

Brisket vs. Chicken

There are two barbecue styles that come to mind when most people think of Southern-style barbecue: pulled pork and brisket.

Coleslaw vs. Baked Beans

Coleslaw and baked beans have long been staples at southern barbecues, but you’ll find that many southern barbecuers prefer coleslaw over baked beans. This isn’t too surprising when you consider that coleslaw is pretty simple to make while baked beans require a lot of hard work. But why exactly do so many people prefer coleslaw to baked beans? And how do these two regional side dishes compare in terms of nutritional value, flavor, and versatility?