With our new line of hot sauces we’re sure to excite your palate with our far out flavors!

Heat levels range from 4/10 all the way up to 10/10! These ain’t no joke!!

Made in the USA – Made with local ingredients right here in the Low Country of Georgia.

Introducing Watasha and Cletus!

All natural ingredients. NO GMOS, NO additives, NO preservatives, and NO artificial flavors.

Made from all natural ingredients from a family recipe which has been passed down through generations.


We're about that
Sauce Life!

Sweet, Smokey Flavor – Perfect balance of sweet and smoky taste that will provide an added dimension to any BBQ dish.

Made in the USA – Made with local ingredients right here in the Low Country of Georgia.

Our sauce is award winning!

In the 2022 Fiery Food Challenge Cookoff, our Watasha’s Old No. 1 took home the 2nd place trophy in the following categories:

  • Mustard Based
  • Wing Sauce (Hot/XHot)
  • Alchohol Infused

100% Natural

Made with over twenty flavor packed all-natural ingredients*

Authentic Southern Flavor

Delicious ingredients and scrumptious flavors make all the difference when cooking up a batch of southern barbecue dishes.

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Family Recipe

Get that southern flavor from an award winning old family recipe

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Consistently Delicious

Sure, our sauce is great on chicken or pork, but it's also delicious on steaks, wings, ribs, or whatever else you have a hankering for!

- Old No. 1 -

All Natural & Processed In Georgia

Watasha’s Barbecue Sauce

Come and Getcha Some!

Real Deal Goodness – Try some today and find out what delicious southern flavor tastes like!

Our barbecue sauce always tastes great!

Quality Starts from the Beginning

Take your barbecue from boring to bold by adding a little bit of Old No. 1!


You can use it as a dipping sauce or add it right before the chicken is done cooking to give it an extra kick. – Taste Tests Guaranteed! 


Our barbecue sauce always tastes great!


We use natural ingredients like brown sugar, cane vinegar, tomato paste, and apple cider vinegar from Georgia to ensure a flavorful barbeque sauce from start to finish!

Smoky + Sweet

Everybody's lovin
our sauce

Try a bottle today and you’ll see why we’re sure this will be your favorite barbecue sauce.

Watasha’s Barbecue Sauce

Try Watasha's

Homegrown And Manufactured Locally – Whether you’re just looking for a new flavor or are an old southern fan looking for an old favorite, this sauce is exactly what you’re looking for!